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27 May 2021
Software - Deep Learning engineer Microsoft | The AI Epiphany Aleksa is a software/deep learning engineer at Microsoft, as well as the founder of AI Epiphany. A huge fan of
27 May 2021
  Computational Linguist Coreon GmbH Alena Vasilevich holds an international MSc degree in Language Science and Technology from Saarland University. At Coreon, she focuses on pragmatic data conversion, hands-on natural language
27 May 2021
Director of Platform Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search EBSCO Director of Platform Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search at EBSCO, one of the largest global academic search engines. Her focus is
13 July 2021
  Software Engineer - Researcher Dr. Athanassios I. Hatzis has been active in the field of databases and semantic web since the resurgence of the NoSQL movement (2009). He pioneered associative,
27 May 2021
  CEO & Co-Founder SeMI Technologies Bob is CEO and co-founder of SeMI Technologies, which is the business created around the vector search engine Weaviate. Besides SeMI and Weaviate. Bob is
12 July 2021
Business Development Director Ontotext Borislav specializes in text analysis, semantic annotation and search, and multi-modal search paradigms. As a former Head of Onteotext's Semantic Annotation and Search Unit he lead
13 July 2021
  Sr Graph Architect Amazon Web Services (AWS) Charles helps customers of Amazon Neptune to fulfil their ambitions with knowledge graph technologies. He contributes to decision making on future road map
13 July 2021
  Co-Founder & CEO OpenCorporates Co-Founder & CEO of OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies and company information in the world.Board Director of Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation Presentations *

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This is where you can see everyone who's ever helped us share the knowledge by taking our stage, as well as what they've talked about. If you want to join their ranks, be sure to check our events to be in the know about what's coming up, and submit your ideas. And you can always reach out use our contact

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