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01 December 2021
Connected Data World 2021 is coming! Adding context to data turns it to information. Processing information turns it to knowledge. The keys to these transformations are connections and metadata.  Knowledge
04 October 2021
* Talk from Connected Data London  | September 2020 Online Meetup * To support ubiquitous AI, a Knowledge Graph system will have to fuse and integrate data, not just in
06 September 2021
* Talk from Connected Data London 2017 Conference * Connected Data encompasses data acquisition and data management requirements from a range of areas including the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Knowledge
21 July 2021
Connected Data London, the top event for leaders and innovators on all things Knowledge Graphs, Graph Data Science and AI, Graph Databases and Semantic Technology, is back as what it
01 July 2021
“The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st Century is to increase the productivity of knowledge work and the knowledge worker”, said Peter F. Drucker in 1999,
07 June 2021
  As the interest in, and hype around, Knowledge Graphs is growing, there is also a growing need for sharing experience and best practices around them. Let’s talk about definitions, best
03 May 2021
  May graph technology improve the deployment of humanitarian projects? The goal of using what we call “Graphs for good at Action Against Hunger” is to be more efficient and transparent,
08 April 2021
Big Data has transformed the world big time. It led many companies to strongly focus on data analytics, trying to collect and control gigantic amounts of data. After years in
01 March 2021
AI is transforming the financial media industry – impacting everything from content creation to consumption trends. Clancy Childs, former general manager of Dow Jones knowledge enablement unit, shares insights into
22 February 2021
What does graph have to do with machine learning? A lot, actually. Machine learning, and its deep learning subdomain, make a great match for graphs. Machine learning on graphs is

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