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Since 2016, Connected Data World has hosted more than 230 sessions from more than 260 speakers. That makes for a comprehensive body of knowledge on all things Knowledge Graph, Graph AI, Graph Databases and Semantic Technology. This is where you can access all this knowledge as it goes through our archiving process - because sharing is caring.   



19 April 2021
  Presentations How to get started with Graph Machine Learning How businesses apply AI-first solutions in production with the Weaviate Vector Search Engine Graph-Based Data Science: Hybrid AI meets data science
14 December 2020
  You can find all talks here
25 September 2020
  Presentations Knowledge Graphs for Data Integrity, Innovation and Digitalization in Professional Services The future of AI in the Enterprise: Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs for Data-Centric Organizations Data Revolution: The Emergence of
30 June 2020
  Presentations The Years of the Graph: The Future of the Future is here Graphs in Sustainable Finance Panel discussions A 2020 Semantic Web vision for the real world

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